Sara’s Petite Cuisine is an award winning, Stylish Patisserie in the heart of Topsham, Exeter. Founded in 2017 and headed by Cake designer and Pastry chef Sara, born in the Portugal and raised in Plymouth, Sara is a professionally trained Pastry Chef. She graduated from Ashburton cookery school, She also trained at Peggy Porschen Academy in London where she successfully completed a decorating techniques Diploma.  She's passionate about creating delicious Pastries, using only the best ingredients.
At Sara's Petite Cuisine we have a taste for the best everything we create is done with passion and dedication. 
Coffee with a History 
Created in 1937, at the time of the Spanish Civil War, the Camelo coffee brand, the latter flourished in the middle of several social, political and commercial constraints thanks to the usual smuggling practices in the cross-border areas. 

Produced in Campo Maior with the tradition, experience and art of the renowned roasters of Grupo Nabeiro, Camelo coffees are a human face brand that together with its customers builds a relationship based on learning, trust and share of a life that values the flavour and aroma in a cup of coffee.
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